Festival of the Aegean

Fota Program

July 23, 2018 – Peter Tiboris Conducts an International Gala of Great Opera Moments at Athens Concert Hall (Megaron Musikis)

Article in The National Herald about
Peter Tiboris and Festival of the Aegean, April 9, 2016.

“Discover Syros,” Blue Magazine, Aegean Airlines, Issue 58

Program from the Thirteenth
Festival of the Aegean, 2017

Fota Program

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Date Event

July 6, 9, 11

Verdi: Rigoletto

July 7

John Rutter: Mass of the Children

July 8

Tchaikovsky & Brahms (Tiboris)

July 10

Tchaikovsky & Brahms (Tiboris)

July 11

Sunset concert at St. Nicholas Church

July 12

Mendelssohn, Wagner & Schumann (Palikarov & Prinz)

July 13

Puccini at the Plateia

July 14

7:00PM--Liederabend at Pnevmatiko Kendro
8:30PM--Ensemble MidtVest Chamber Music from Denmark

July 15

Ensemble MidtVest and Greek Opera Studio perform Gianni Schicchi.

July 16

6:00 PM - Obsessions Octet from Edmonton, Canada, presenting one hour of "Jazz for Kids."
8:30PM - Jazz at the Apollo

July 17

Debut of Festival of the Aegean Youth Symphony Orchestra, Zoe Zeniodi conducting

July 18

6:00PM - Stratos Vougas Jazz Quartet presenting one hour of "Jazz for Kids."
8:30PM - "Stratos Vougas Jazz Quartet at the Apollo"

July 19

Festival Finale, Greek Opera Studio Gala

Tickets for all festival events are available daily at the Apollo Theater (22810 85192) and through www.ticketservices.gr.


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